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My New Pinterest Page…

I know that I am very slow to have only just discovered Pinterest but, I have only just discovered it. So please feel free to check out my new page:


It’s so much fun! I just can’t stop pinning everything that I see.


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Interior Inspiration: Freemans Restaurant: New York

Last week it was my Birthday (I won’t say which) and we went for a delicious meal at Freemans Restaurant. I saw it in Rough Luxe Design when I was browsing in a book shop. The beautiful interior attracted me. Then I looked at the delicious menu on their website and I was sold.

Freemans is tucked away near Bowery. Twinkling fairy lights await you at the end of a little alleyway. You forget for a minute that you are in New York and think that you have wandered down the side street of a quaint French town.

The interior itself is most definitely shabby chic with a rustic charm.  It is a cross between an old English pub and a French bistro.

I love the dim, moody atmosphere and the clever use of contrasting colour and texture. There are also some seriously beautiful natural flower arrangements. I always notice these little details and think that they make a room complete.

The food and wine were perfect. It was the best wine that I’ve had in New York so far. The Artichoke dip was amazing! My husband and I shared the mushroom and barley risotto and a kale salad, both were exceptionally good. My younger brother tells me that the meat was also fantastic.

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Wednesday Inspiration: The Artichoke Head

I took this photograph when I was staying with my parents in England. My Dad grew the artichoke in his garden and I thought it made the most beautiful object. The colours are so amazing! I could design a whole room using them. I wish it was possible to keep the Artichoke in this state but alas we had to eat it in the end.


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Inspiration: Gypsya

I have been looking for a few things to liven up our bedroom here in New York and came across the beautiful Etsy shop Gypsya. I love everything but, here is a selection of my favourite things:

Grey Ikat Quilt $128. I love this Ikat because it is elegant and subtle. Ikats tend to be more colourful.

I also love this Green Quilt $149. The pattern is beautiful!

I wouldn’t mind a couple of these cushions and the place mats below.

This shop makes me want to learn to Sew!

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Lighting and Accessories: Soho House Series

Well once again I have been neglectful of Tenuouslinks. I do have a good excuse though! My husband and I are planning an exciting move and are currently in limbo. We have moved out of London and are staying with my parents in the countryside until our plans are finalised. So I have become a commuter going back and forth to London for work. I’m hoping things will calm down now but the past few weeks have been pretty manic.

Anyway enough on that. Today I wanted to finish my Soho House series.  I am going to focus lighting and accessories whilst considering their clever mixing of industrial, country and vintage styles. Their interiors always look cool, elegant and classic yet, they also seem contemporary. I think that this is due to the sophisticated colour palettes and consistent use of luxurious materials and finishes. They manage to tie together many different styles creating spaces that have a timeless quality. The look is relaxed and smart at the same time.

1) Stool, The Sofa and Chair Company

2) Mirror, Julian Chichester3) Bedside Table, Julian Chichester

4) Deco Wall Sconce, CTO Lighting

5) Floor Light, Oka Direct

6)  Pendant Light, Trainspotters

7) Wall Light, Casella Lighting


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Interior Inspiration: Pollen Street Social

I recently took my husband to Pollen Street Social for a birthday meal. It was his choice, and the food was beautiful (both taste wise and to look at)! It was fresh and imaginative with an effortless simplicity to it.

I would say the same about the interiors which I loved. They are beautifully simple with lots of classic designs and natural materials; wood on wood, leather and stone.

I loved the oversized flower displays. They soften the look, which could lean towards austerity, adding height and drama.

There is actually very little colour in this scheme, which consist largely of shades of brown, dark blue (leather on the banquettes), black and white. This could be cold but the beautiful blown glass pendant lights and the artwork throughout soften the look. They art adds a dash of colour. The overall effect is calming and relaxing. The attention to detail makes you feel that you are in a special place. I loved the crisp, but slightly rough, linen table clothes against the porcelain china. I think that simplicity can be the hardest look to pull off, as any mistakes or imperfections become glaringly obvious.

I absolutely love the lighting, especially hung en mass as it has been below. Such a fun and playful effect!

Lastly I love this place because even though it is quite an expensive restaurant it feels relaxed and unpretentious.

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Sculptural Seating: Soho House Series

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Soho House Group and promised to do a set of posts on how to get the Soho House look. The first post in that series was about geometric flooring.  In the next few posts I am going to focus on their use of sculptural furniture, lighting and accessories. Today I’m looking at armchairs.

I’m particularly drawn to modern furniture with curved vintage infused forms. I love the chairs in the image above. For a similar look try:


The Sloop Armchair from Somerville Scott and Company is a particular favourite of mine. I think that the shape and detailing are beautiful. I love the chocolate coloured legs and nickel studs!


2) Pendel Armchair,  Pinch Design. I admire everything that this husband and wife team produce.

Both of the above companies are UK based and produce their handmade furniture in the UK.


And for a cheaper alternative try this neat Ikea Easy Chair. There are several fabric options.


Albert chair, Graham and Green. This is a more traditional chair yet simply done. I like the pale colour of the turned wooden legs and the stud detailing on the back. It looks very comfortable and is currently on sale!

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