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Moody Aesthetics: In The Mood For Love: Wong Kar Wai

Last night I re-watched In The Mood For Love by director Wong Kar Wai.

I love this film. It is so atmospheric and stylish. It has a sensitive, subtle and slow moving plot. The music is haunting and the cinematography utterly beautiful.

The setting is 1960s Hong Kong. The costumes and sets are stunning.  Dark intense colours, lighting and music along with a clever use of  slow motion, rain and cigarette smoke create a charged atmosphere. The viewer feels the heaviness and suppression of the characters lives.

Searching the internet I found out that there are several restaurant that have been designed with this film as an inspiration. I can see why! The sensual saturated colours, moody lighting and retro 1960’s aesthetic with an exotic oriental twist, certainly make for an atmospheric and classy environment.


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Film: Bill Cunningham New York

I love Bill Cunningham and used to annoy my husband by playing his video’s on the NYTimes website every weekend. I think it was the voice and the music that grated first thing in the morning. Anyway I love his eccentric commentaries and his photographs. I can’t wait for the film to come out in the UK!

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Breathless : A Bout de Souffle

Earlier in the week my flat mate and I decided to have a girls night in. I chose Breathless promising a classic and stylish French film. I  had watched this film as a student and somehow remembered it as a charming French classic “a bit like Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  Breathless was part of the French New Wave movement. It’s most definitely a stylish film and like Breakfast at Tiffany’s it has a beautiful, youthful and quirky leading lady. It also centres on a capital city and the relationship between a man and a woman, but this is where the similarities end. I’ll blame it on being a student – perhaps I was drunk?

I very much enjoyed watching it a second time, but as I expected an easy to watch film I was a little stunned by the end. It is half gangster movie and half romance yet not at all in the conventional sense. For one thing by the end I found neither of the main characters likeable, yet they are most definitely extremely watch-able. Well I’ll leave it to you to watch the film and make your own analogies as I am no film buff . One thing is for sure, the cinematography is exquisite.

I’ve spent the whole week craving a day in Paris and a cute pixie hair cut!

For an intelligent and thorough analysis of the film click here

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