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My New Pinterest Page…

I know that I am very slow to have only just discovered Pinterest but, I have only just discovered it. So please feel free to check out my new page:


It’s so much fun! I just can’t stop pinning everything that I see.


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Fall Wish List

1) Liv Lace Shirt, Club Monaco $149.50

2) Velevet Slipper, Zara, $35.90

3) Cozy Sweater, Zara, $89.90

4) Books available at Anthropologie or Amazon

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Moody Aesthetics: In The Mood For Love: Wong Kar Wai

Last night I re-watched In The Mood For Love by director Wong Kar Wai.

I love this film. It is so atmospheric and stylish. It has a sensitive, subtle and slow moving plot. The music is haunting and the cinematography utterly beautiful.

The setting is 1960s Hong Kong. The costumes and sets are stunning.  Dark intense colours, lighting and music along with a clever use of  slow motion, rain and cigarette smoke create a charged atmosphere. The viewer feels the heaviness and suppression of the characters lives.

Searching the internet I found out that there are several restaurant that have been designed with this film as an inspiration. I can see why! The sensual saturated colours, moody lighting and retro 1960’s aesthetic with an exotic oriental twist, certainly make for an atmospheric and classy environment.

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Brooklyn Flea: Fort Greene

Last Saturday afternoon we went to the charming  Brooklyn Flea market in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. There were food stalls, vintage clothes and furniture, and pretty hand crafted items. I was in heaven!

I will be back the minute we get settled in an apartment.

I mean every home needs a pink elephant with an umbrella?

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Inspiration: The Satorialist

I have followed The Satorialist (Scott Schuman) for years. I love his eye,  the romantic slightly old-fashioned way that he sees people and the way that this comes across in his photographs. I came across this interview today and found it really inspiring. It made me feel so excited to be living and working in New York!

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Lighting and Accessories: Soho House Series

Well once again I have been neglectful of Tenuouslinks. I do have a good excuse though! My husband and I are planning an exciting move and are currently in limbo. We have moved out of London and are staying with my parents in the countryside until our plans are finalised. So I have become a commuter going back and forth to London for work. I’m hoping things will calm down now but the past few weeks have been pretty manic.

Anyway enough on that. Today I wanted to finish my Soho House series.  I am going to focus lighting and accessories whilst considering their clever mixing of industrial, country and vintage styles. Their interiors always look cool, elegant and classic yet, they also seem contemporary. I think that this is due to the sophisticated colour palettes and consistent use of luxurious materials and finishes. They manage to tie together many different styles creating spaces that have a timeless quality. The look is relaxed and smart at the same time.

1) Stool, The Sofa and Chair Company

2) Mirror, Julian Chichester3) Bedside Table, Julian Chichester

4) Deco Wall Sconce, CTO Lighting

5) Floor Light, Oka Direct

6)  Pendant Light, Trainspotters

7) Wall Light, Casella Lighting


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Interior Inspiration: Pollen Street Social

I recently took my husband to Pollen Street Social for a birthday meal. It was his choice, and the food was beautiful (both taste wise and to look at)! It was fresh and imaginative with an effortless simplicity to it.

I would say the same about the interiors which I loved. They are beautifully simple with lots of classic designs and natural materials; wood on wood, leather and stone.

I loved the oversized flower displays. They soften the look, which could lean towards austerity, adding height and drama.

There is actually very little colour in this scheme, which consist largely of shades of brown, dark blue (leather on the banquettes), black and white. This could be cold but the beautiful blown glass pendant lights and the artwork throughout soften the look. They art adds a dash of colour. The overall effect is calming and relaxing. The attention to detail makes you feel that you are in a special place. I loved the crisp, but slightly rough, linen table clothes against the porcelain china. I think that simplicity can be the hardest look to pull off, as any mistakes or imperfections become glaringly obvious.

I absolutely love the lighting, especially hung en mass as it has been below. Such a fun and playful effect!

Lastly I love this place because even though it is quite an expensive restaurant it feels relaxed and unpretentious.

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