Lighting and Accessories: Soho House Series

Well once again I have been neglectful of Tenuouslinks. I do have a good excuse though! My husband and I are planning an exciting move and are currently in limbo. We have moved out of London and are staying with my parents in the countryside until our plans are finalised. So I have become a commuter going back and forth to London for work. I’m hoping things will calm down now but the past few weeks have been pretty manic.

Anyway enough on that. Today I wanted to finish my Soho House series.  I am going to focus lighting and accessories whilst considering their clever mixing of industrial, country and vintage styles. Their interiors always look cool, elegant and classic yet, they also seem contemporary. I think that this is due to the sophisticated colour palettes and consistent use of luxurious materials and finishes. They manage to tie together many different styles creating spaces that have a timeless quality. The look is relaxed and smart at the same time.

1) Stool, The Sofa and Chair Company

2) Mirror, Julian Chichester3) Bedside Table, Julian Chichester

4) Deco Wall Sconce, CTO Lighting

5) Floor Light, Oka Direct

6)  Pendant Light, Trainspotters

7) Wall Light, Casella Lighting



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2 responses to “Lighting and Accessories: Soho House Series

  1. beautiful inspiration… love it 🙂 xx Cat

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