Exhibition: Marilyn Monroe: Getty Images Gallery

This past week it has rained almost non-stop in London. It is the type of weather that turns you into a hermit. Everything seems so damp you can’t imagine that last weekend it was dry and sunny. All you want to do is hide inside with a hot drink.

Yesterday I ventured out to see the small exhibition of unseen photos of Marilyn Monroe at the Getty Images Gallery in London.

I do not have a particular fascination with Marilyn but seeing the recent film with Michelle Williams had roused my interest. They were a fascinating set of photos;  some showed the Marilyn I expected to see, others challenged the conventional image of her.

I particularly enjoyed the photos taken in her house and garden. It was fun to get a glimpse if the interior of her home and see her in her down time.

The exhibition includes some costumes and clothes which were very interesting to see. Some were intricate and fancy others surprisingly simple. Interestingly most were not the same shape as Marilyn at all and didn’t look particularly sensational on clothes dummies. This illustrated beautifully the fact the it was Marilyn’s stunning body and lively persona that made them look so sexy.


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