Geometric Flooring: Soho House Series

I was looking at my previous post on the interiors of the Soho House Group and thought that over the next few weeks I would do a few post on how to get a similar look for your home.

I love their use of geometric tiles. This is something that anyone could re-create using cheap tiles and a bit of imagination. If like me you are a city dweller living in a rented flat you can get the same effect using a rug. This is also less of a long term commitment to this bold look.  Here are a few of my favourite geometric rugs:

1) Luke Irwin

I love all of the above. Luke Irwin is pretty pricy but every design is gorgeous.

2) The Rug Company

This rug was designed by interior designer Emily Todhunter (she also designs lamps and furniture).  Once again this is not a cheap option. However,they make their rugs to bespoke sizes, and this one is so elegant and silky.

3) Nikki Jones

3) Nkuku

These rugs are made from eco-friendly jute, and they are very reasonably priced!

4) Anthropologie

Colourful and fun!

5) Toast

Welsh rugs are a great way to get the geometric effect at a reasonable price. I love them!

6) Jane Beck Welsh Blankets



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2 responses to “Geometric Flooring: Soho House Series

  1. Olga

    I love your selection of rugs! Especially the Nikki Jones one – works great in that interior!

    Freddie & Cinnamon Jewellery

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