Astier de Villatte: Liberty London

Liberty London is one of my favourite shops for inspiration. I can wander around for hours looking at all the beautiful departments (fabric, homeware, furniture, art, old carpets, clothes and scalves….) On a recent visit I noticed the new Astier and Villate area.

I love the irregular imperfection of the pottery. It has a timeless simplicity to it and they look modern.

These hand painted designs were done by a New York based artist. I love the butterfly and the ant!

Their candles smell amazing. The scents are named after different places and some of them come in beautiful ceramic pots. I spent ages smelling each one and deciding if  it smelled like I expected the place to smell.

If you are in London and have never been to Liberty it is worth a visit! The striking half timber building with all it’s carved wood panelling is wonderful in itself.


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