The Little Paris Kitchen: Paris Inspiration

I love cook books and cooking programmes. I can watch hours and hours of cooking programmes. My husband says it’s like food porn. I tend to get seduced by beautiful cooking books. I buy them with good intentions, but more often than not I end up leafing through them more than I actually cook from them.

The Little Paris Kitchen on BBC Two my current favourite cooking programmes. I read an article about Rachel Khoo before the programme came out and liked the idea of an English girl making her own version of French classics in a tiny Parisian kitchen.

I will definitely be getting a copy of her cook book. I want to attempt those Croque Madame Muffins and Madeleines. I’m going to Paris in June, and I can’t wait to eat my way around the city!

Addition: 27/03/12

I’ve been meaning to add that I went to a Japanese restaurant last week (Koya in Soho) and ended up sitting next to Rachel. I kept thinking that girl looks very much like Rachel Khoo… but it can’t be. She lives in Paris so she can’t possibly be in a little noodle restaurant in London. Then she started to talk to the waiter. Her friend explained that they were out celebrating the first episode of her TV show. Being English I pretended not to listen in and got on with eating my noodles. Though I can report that she seemed very sweet and was hugely appreciative of about their food.


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