Paper Walls: Recycled Wallpaper

I saw this picture on one of my favourite lunchbreak blogs The Coveteur (hours of voyeuristic fun).

It is such a pretty, cheap and simple way to liven up a wall creating a fresh and romantic backdrop. It also would add texture and movement the wall. Some people may be horrified at the thought of destroying a book, but it is a good way to recycle unwanted ones. You could change the feel by looking for books with particularly beautiful typography, or coloured or antiqued pages. You could choose an old favourite or mix several books!

One downside to the above is that I suspect it would eventually get rather dusty and might start to fall off. For a more permanent and cheap alternative to wallpaper you could paste the pages to the walls.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

I think in a large room this look could feel quite heavy.  So I like the use of a contrasting blue pastel wall and cotton curtains in the room above. The overall effect is cool and fresh. The vintage accessories add a nice finishing touch. This is a look that natural lends itself to vintage styling.

Photo: Chica and Jo

Another way to break up the look is to use it just above or below the dado rail, as in the bathroom above. I think it is a fun idea for a bathroom.  Often bold statements like this work well in small rooms which can often be neglected.

I love these oversized manuscript pages from Retrouvius in London.

Really you can use any pages you can think of depending on the look you want to create.  Comics books could be fun for a kids bed room. Old magazine pages could also work well;  although, it is wise to think about colour and pattern. Black and white, or slightly pink antique pages create a neutral yet interesting background. However if you love a riot of colour then magazines might work for you!


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