Lucky Lunches: Borough Market

I am lucky enough to work near Borough Market so when I get a chance I like to treat myself to lunch from one of it’s many stalls. It’s hard to go wrong when every stall serves something delicious… well something delicious looking!

Sadly I haven’t tried every stall. My favourites so far are the Thai seafood curry stall or the The Veggie Table stall for Lunch. Monmouth Coffee for coffee.¬†Konditor and Cook for cakes and sweets¬†galore. I have tried just about every type! Neals Yard Dairy does great cheese and is a spectical to behold. They also give out free samples of the cheese.

The market itself is Londons oldest surviving market. It is a bit of a tourist attraction these days and very busy on the weekends but it is beautiful nonetheless. The cast iron building and little cobbled streets running alongside are classic picturesque London. I really should go more often as I always return inspired by all the colourful stalls and beautiful produce.


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February 11, 2012 · 4:40 pm

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