Beach Huts: Brighton

This weekend I was in Brighton for one of my brother’s birthday. This morning we took a walk along the promenade. It was freezing but bright and sunny. We came upon some joyfully colourful little beach huts.

Seeing them I imagine what Brighton must have been like in Victorian times. They are such a charming symbol of the British seaside holiday.



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2 responses to “Beach Huts: Brighton

  1. Janira

    Hey I’m 14 years old and the 26th of mars I Will be un Brighton so before I need to know something ir hoy can help me, thanks. I’m Spanish so I only Talk a bit of englis, I really want to now What are this huts because are very beautiful, and also I would like to now where are them and if allways stay there or only in special times in the year??
    If you recomend some places to visitar (not cultural) I mean relaxing and beautiful ones!!!!
    If you can help me with something about this I will be very thankful!!!!
    Your web IS interesanting good!

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