The High Line: NYC

A friend of mine is travelling to New York and asked me to recommend some cool things to do. I wrote her a long list of all my favourite places. Thinking back to my most recent trip reminded me how blown away I had been by the  High Line.

The High Line used to be a freight line. It runs above Manhattan’s west side. It has been planted with grasses and shrubs creating an unusual elevated park. I think it is a genius use of this space. There is such a beautiful juxtaposition of nature and modernity.  It is a calm and relaxing place where you can escape from the busy city streets below.

The concrete slats which make up some of the walkways seem to have been inspired by railway sleepers. I love way the concrete simply evolves into this bench.

Apparently the planting was inspired by the self seeded landscape that had grown on the tracks over the 25 years in which it had not been used.

I loved these stylish yet playful bird boxes.

The High Line was being expanded into more disused track when I was there in the summer. I hope they continue to do this so I have more to enjoy next time I am in NYC.

P.S Do let me know if you have any suggestions of things my friend should on her trip to New York (or me for that matter)?!


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