Inspiration: Bob Bob Ricard, Soho, London

I love this place. It’s not my usual style as it very ornate with a 1920’s Russian feel. The restaurant has an intense blue scheme. It is bold and unique with beautiful patterned wallpapers, woods and marble not an inch is left unadorned. The attention to detail is amazing. The toilets, place matts and even the business cards are gorgeous.

In my post uni gap year I took the train accross europe to Moscow where I caught the transiberian railway to China. I spent 6 days on the train reading Anna Karenina ( it seemed an appropriate choice). This place is what I imagine the transiberian train would have been like in the 20’s. I’m sure it wasn’t but one can fantasise!

The food is also extremely good. I particularly remember the desert. I shared the gold leaf covered desert that melted dramatically as it was covered in a hot chocolate sauce. It was beautiful!

A fun and fittingly extravagant feature is the champagne button which can be found on every table. Press it and you are guaranteed champagne within seconds.

If you fancy having a look without committing to a meal I hear that they do a mean cocktail. Best to book first though – Bob Bob Ricard.

Photos: Paul Winch-Furness
Interior: David Collins


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