The Whole Package

I have spent the past few days helping style some interiors for a photo shoot. This inspired me to do a post on beautiful toiletries and candles. In some cases I love the packaging almost as much as the smell. They can be such a lovely finishing touch in a room and add a little luxury either through their look or the scent they give to the room. Scents are so evocative and can alter the mood.  I have clearly had far too much time whilst sitting around between shots.

Ok so here are my favourites:


Czech and Speake No.88 Limited Edition glass bottles are so beautiful. Be warned of their  CRAZY PRICE of £405! Who pays this much for a bottle? Their bath oil is far more reasonably priced and smartly packaged.

2) Diptyque Paris have to be my favourite parfumeur. Every single perfume smells amazing and the packaging is all so beautiful. The simple bottle and old-fashioned illustrated labels are charming. They looks so pretty on my dressing table that I can’t bare to throw the bottles out when they are empty. Ofresia is my favourite sweet smelling scent. I also love Neroli which smells more citrus and makes me think of summers in Italy.

3) C.E. Bigelow were the toiletries in our bathroom when we stayed at the Bowery Hotel in NYC. I know that they are probably pretty cheap but they smell great. I love the old fashioned packaging and logo which looks like it hasn’t changed in the last 80 years.

4) Burts Bees is another cheap brand which smells good and has really cute packaging.

5) Ortigia‘s soaps and bath oils smell divine. The packaging is particularly beautiful and ornate. I often go into their shop on Marylebone High Street for a quick browse.


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