The Bowery Hotel NYC – Please can I move in!?

I wanted to post some pictures of the hotel where we stayed in NYC for some of our honeymoon. I absolutely loved the interior. It was just so comfortable and felt very much like a home from home. Note: I wish my home was like this, sadly it is not, but I’m sure you all get what I mean.

I love the huge windows and the light they let in. I love the little details like the stars above the windows and the doilies on the chairs. I love the sheets and the fact they aren’t the standard white sheets you get everywhere else. I love the branding and typography on all their stationary and the toiletries. It’s old-fashioned and quirky.  The whole hotel has that feel of being old-fashioned yet timeless. I guess it lives up to it’s bohemian routes.

Don’t get me started on the bathroom. I especially like all the bronze taps and fixtures. The marble sink and vintage style tiles. I think you could actually replicate this look very cheaply in your own bathroom.  I have an obsession with good bathrooms! I spent a lot of time in this one using all the lovely products.

So that is the end of my gushing entry about the Bowery Hotel. I hope to return one day…


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