Wallpapers – Oh so many…

I have been very neglectful of my blog recently due to starting a new job, but I have vowed to do better over the next few months. So today I am going to post a few of my favourite wallpapers. Some are old favourites and others new. I have been searching for a kids wallpaper recently so these are all quite playful prints.

1)Lizzie Allen (I had trouble restricting myself to just one print)

London City Gents

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace

Red Buses and Black Cabs

2)Florence Broadhurst (These designs where designed by Florence in the 1920’s. I think they are seem very contemporary considering they were designed 90 years ago)

Horses Stampede

Peacock Feathers

3)Georgia Horton

Lobster Quadrille Main


4) Tres Tintas


The Child, the Dancer and the Dragon

Carousel of Dreams

The last two are definitely for the kids. I think they are really fun.

I have found so many favourites that I might have to follow this post with a  part two!


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