Perfectly British Cuppa – Top Ten Mugs

My younger brother lives in New York City. I recently asked him what he would like for Christmas and he requested a mug. Apparently, he needs one to use in the office for the multiple coffees he consumes. Being a little nostalgic for home, he also asked that it was a British mug. Being obsessive, as I am, I spent hours trolling around the shops looking for the best mug. Here are my top ten (in no particular order) for under £20:


Liberty Building Mug £16

This (no.1) is the mug I chose to buy for him.


John Lewis Sent with Love Mug £9.50


Disaster Designs Pretty City Travel Set £6.50 (at John Lewis)


London Transport Museum Trooping The Colours Mug £9.99


Rume Trellic Tower Mug £10


Jan Constantine Love Mug (at John Lewis) £7.50


Liberty Fancy a Brew Mug £10

8 )

Bloomsbury & Co Marmite Mug £8.95


Liberty Tower Bridge Mug £13.50


liberty London Pigeon Mug £12.50

This is the mug I would buy for myself.


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