Brompton Road Cushions – Handmade and Recycled

This week I made my first attempt at sewing. I wanted some new cushions for our sofa. I realised that I could make my own for a fraction of the price it would cost to buy some.

I used the ‘Brompton Road’ fabric from John Lewis. I chose it because of its subtle colouring which goes well with the decor of our rented flat. I love the illustrative style and the classic London sites which are shown. The fabric has a large pattern. I chose to focus in on different parts of the pattern to make two slightly different cushions. A rectangular ‘London bus’ cushion and a square ‘London Bridge’ cushion.

I know that my hand sewing skills have a long way to go. However, I like the somewhat irregular shape and handmade look of my cushions.

I bought the cushions from a charity shop. The covers where old and dirty but the feather cushions inside where completely fine. They cost £3 each.  I love a bargain and it’s really satisfying recycling something another person has thrown out. The fabric cost £15 for 1.3M; therefore, in total the cushions cost about £10.50 which is a bargain I think!

Interestingly, I went into Dwell yesterday and found that they where selling cushions made from the same fabric for £20.  So if you want some you can make them yourself or buy them at Dwell.



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2 responses to “Brompton Road Cushions – Handmade and Recycled

  1. Carmel

    The cushions are lovely! I’ve been hoping to do something similar myself – Do you use the existing cushion covers as a template and then allow about 3 to 4cm for the seams?

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