Hampstead Heath on an Autumn Day…

Today was one of those blissful warm days which you know are the last few of the year.  Autumn has to be my favourite season of the year. I love the colours, leaves, berries, pumpkins, squash… its pagan and earthy feel. Anyway, this sunny Sunday seemed to be the perfect day for a long and lingering walk on Hampstead Heath.  Being relatively new to the area, we blundered around for several hours wending our way to the bagel shops of Golders Green.  (I have a small obsession with bagels after spending many summers in the USA as a child). Here are some of my many photos…

Houses in the Vale of Health – a small cluster of houses which are hidden from the main road – extremely picturesque.

This is a tree I came across in the middle of the woods. I’m not sure if it’s someone’s artistic attempts, but I like it.

The entrance to the kitchens at Kenwood House.

Tunnel of leaves at Kenwood House.

Finally we returned home and I was inspired to cook an Autumnal meal. I thought the colours of the beetroot and pumpkin (grown by my father in his amazing garden) were so beautiful, I’d post them for all to enjoy!


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