This was my second year at Decorex. I was actually contemplating giving it a miss this year as last year I found it a little underwhelming… and I have been to so many shows in the last week…but as I had a free ticket, I thought I should go.  I’m actually really glad I did as I saw some cool stuff.  Here are a few of my favourite things…

Bed linen by PAD

This is Pinch Design - I think this is so beautiful. Its sculptural shape and linen like fabric looks so lovely when illuminated.


Sofa – Pinch Design


Nuttall Sofa – In peacock colour. I loved their countryside style display booth – so fun


I also came across Emily Burningham who designs really lovely fabrics. I didn’t photograph any, but her website is well worth a visit…


Oh, last but not least, I thought this Tracy Kendall wallpaper with the words of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ stitched into it was so clever and beautiful. Magical even!





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  1. George

    Awesome blog!!

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