Broadway Market

This weekend was the second weekend that I went to Broadway Market in Hackney. I went last week and loved it so much, I had to go back for a second look around. The food stalls are amazing. There are such a variety of different lunch and grocery stalls that it should take me many visits to get round them all. Which I’m happy to do!

There are also lots of great vintage and craft stalls selling pretty gifts, clothes and home trinkets.

I had this amazing wasabi tuna steak sandwich on sourdough which has become my latest food obsession. Amazing tuna that melts in your mouth and delicious chewy bread with a hint of wasabi mayo. My boyfriend had a Bahn Mi (Vietnamese roll ) with barbequed pork, which was also great or so he tells me.

My Tuna Roll – In future I’ll remember not to eat half of it before I take a photo 

Taiwanese little steamed bun filled with pork belly – Yum Bun stall

Canal view between Hackney and Dalston


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