London Design Week – Tent and Tramshed

I am determined to see as much as I can of London Design Week and was particularly keen to go to Tent and Tramshed in East London. Both were extremely inspiring! So many stalls with beautiful printed fabrics, handcrafted furniture and other imaginative things. It was great to see how much the environment and sustainability was being considered in the production of all these beautiful things. So here are the snaps of my favourite things…

Digital Shibori , Melanie Bowles

Timorous Beasties

Assa Table Loop Light - Assa Ashuach

I will find out who made this!! It played birdsong in different combinations depending where you placed the eggs.


Matthew Hilton


These have been around for a while but I love them.


Cutlery and Bowls - David Chipperfield

Zoe Murphey - Painted furniture

Stool - Mooi


I don't remember who these bead like pendant lights are by, but they are joyously colourful!



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2 responses to “London Design Week – Tent and Tramshed

  1. I have really enjoyed looking at all the lovely things including fabics and vegetables. The photographs are very good. I could not see whether you use a sewing machine. Do you have one? Are second hand ones expensive?

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