Interior Inspiration: The Standard Grill

Last week my brother, husband and I went for a Christmas family lunch atThe Standard Grill. It was a perfect New York Christmas scene with  a little skating rink and trees with white fairy lights outside the restaurant. The red and white interior looked beautiful with pine cones decorating the window sills. Even the waiters funny plaid outfits look kind-of-ok in the spirit of Christmas.


In the main dining room the mosaic floor tiles are thousands of nickel pennys. I think this is such a fun and unique idea.






I think that the contrasting white dipped chair legs in the front dining room are such a cool detail.

The interiors are by Roman and Williams. I am a huge admirer of their work. In the following video they explain their ethos and approach to design. It’s such a great interview. I would really recommend watching it. I find them such an inspiration:

Credit: Photos all from Roman and Williams website.


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My New Pinterest Page…

I know that I am very slow to have only just discovered Pinterest but, I have only just discovered it. So please feel free to check out my new page:


It’s so much fun! I just can’t stop pinning everything that I see.

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Saturday’s Song: Lou Doillon: I.C.U

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Sunday Comfort Cooking: Sophie Dahl

I love being in New York, but this past week I have felt homesick.  It’s been two and a half months since we were last at my parents home in England. I’ve started to romanticise everything about England, even the weather!

I always find that cooking is a good cure for melancholy. I think that making a Victoria Sponge Cake and drinking a pot of tea would sort me out. I have to confess that last night I spent a few hour watching the lovely Sophie Dahl’s cooking programmes to cheer me up. They received mixed reviews in the UK when they aired in 2010.

I really like her antidotes and find her charming. I also love her cookery books.

The photography and presentation are utterly gorgeous.

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Fall Wish List

1) Liv Lace Shirt, Club Monaco $149.50

2) Velevet Slipper, Zara, $35.90

3) Cozy Sweater, Zara, $89.90

4) Books available at Anthropologie or Amazon

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Interior Inspiration: Freemans Restaurant: New York

Last week it was my Birthday (I won’t say which) and we went for a delicious meal at Freemans Restaurant. I saw it in Rough Luxe Design when I was browsing in a book shop. The beautiful interior attracted me. Then I looked at the delicious menu on their website and I was sold.

Freemans is tucked away near Bowery. Twinkling fairy lights await you at the end of a little alleyway. You forget for a minute that you are in New York and think that you have wandered down the side street of a quaint French town.

The interior itself is most definitely shabby chic with a rustic charm.  It is a cross between an old English pub and a French bistro.

I love the dim, moody atmosphere and the clever use of contrasting colour and texture. There are also some seriously beautiful natural flower arrangements. I always notice these little details and think that they make a room complete.

The food and wine were perfect. It was the best wine that I’ve had in New York so far. The Artichoke dip was amazing! My husband and I shared the mushroom and barley risotto and a kale salad, both were exceptionally good. My younger brother tells me that the meat was also fantastic.

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Moody Aesthetics: In The Mood For Love: Wong Kar Wai

Last night I re-watched In The Mood For Love by director Wong Kar Wai.

I love this film. It is so atmospheric and stylish. It has a sensitive, subtle and slow moving plot. The music is haunting and the cinematography utterly beautiful.

The setting is 1960s Hong Kong. The costumes and sets are stunning.  Dark intense colours, lighting and music along with a clever use of  slow motion, rain and cigarette smoke create a charged atmosphere. The viewer feels the heaviness and suppression of the characters lives.

Searching the internet I found out that there are several restaurant that have been designed with this film as an inspiration. I can see why! The sensual saturated colours, moody lighting and retro 1960’s aesthetic with an exotic oriental twist, certainly make for an atmospheric and classy environment.

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